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Hi! I'm Trish Williams and I'm a Pediatric Occupational Therapist/Clinic Owner turned OT Entrepreneur Coach. I help OT entrepreneurs like you accomplish their business goals, get organized and stop hustling IN their business to working ON their business like a CEO.

Schedule a free 20 minute call. The call will give us a chance to talk about your challenges, about your role as an OT entrepreneur and how my services could be a fit to help you grow and scale your OT business.

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What does a discovery call with me look like?

Together we will determine the biggest blocks that stand in the way of reaching that next level in your OT business. You've found someone in the OT community who understands your business as a therapist and an experienced entrepreneur. Leave the call with actionable steps that you can put into place right away to help you grow, and find out if we are a fit to work together in a bigger way to help you move from hustling as a therapist to acting like a CEO.

I'm interested in a discovery call, but what are some ways we can work together after we chat?

1:1 Monthly Coaching

1:1 Monthly coaching is best for those who want an OT consultant in their pocket - access to a coach 24/7 who can provide support and strategy for growing their OT business.


  • 2 coaching calls a month, over Zoom at 75 minutes each
  • 24/7 "with a life" policy access to Trish over Voxer app for support and accountability between zoom calls
  • 2 monthly small group coaching calls, with current 1:1 monthly coaching clients (approx 8 participants)
  • Access to resources and content for financial, marketing, sales, operations, product development and team growth goals


$797 USD/mo

Book A Discovery Call!

OT CEO Payday

This VIP Day is an intensive, high ticket offer that is the best fit for the OT entrepreneur who knows that time is precious and will pay to leave with a completed product. The ideal client will have had it with freebies and gathering resources, place a high value on their own time, are anti scope creep and want this project done now. 


  • A detailed strategic plan, including focusing on your company’s values and mission, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and looking at the 7 areas of business that most impact your ability to grow.
  • Success map for the next 90 days
  • 4 hour co-working call via Zoom and 30 min follow-up after one month 
  • Lunch, refreshment, or gift delivered to you
  • 30 min kick off intake call where we begin to work right away on gathering the relevant information to get us started!


$1979 USD (payment plans available)

Who is coaching for?

This offer is for occupational therapy entrepreneurs; those who want to take the expertise they’ve been giving away for free and get paid and those who have an existing OT business and want to find a way to work less and be more productive (and make more money!), through scaling or adding new services or products. You're the type of business owner who knows they want an OT consultant to coach them through accountability and 1:1 help. 

Stop working IN your business and starting working ON your business.

Take the first step in becoming the CEO you've always wanted to be.

Is this something you'd be interested in? Let's chat.