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"Transforming occupational therapy entrepreneurs from therapists with hustle to strategic, organized and confident CEOs"

Are you an OT entrepreneur in search of time and freedom to scale your business or online products/programs to 6-figures and way beyond?

I get it. You're a silopreneur who feels lonely and discouraged. You're feeling some degree of burnout and are ready to think beyond clinical. You've downloaded all the freebies, listened to some podcasts and asked other entrepreneurs about their strategies , but they don't seem to have answers for your specific situation. You're not sure who to trust, and feel skeptical or whether their model will work for you.

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What if you could:

  • Have more confidence in your ability to make business decisions
  • Be more aware of what is happening in your business at all times
  • Know what you're doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Set strategic goals and deadlines that actually move your business forward
  • Find joy, fulfillment, empowerment and worth in your business
  • Have an accountability partner and mentor to help you avoid roadblocks that business owners often face
  • Be guided with the roadmap to business success by an entrepreneur who has run two successful businesses herself over 10 years!?

While there's a great deal of general advice out there, you need a personal plan

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:

"I'm not sure that I'm making the right amount of money for the work that I'm doing"

"I don't have a consistent business plan that I stick to and often lose sight of my goals"

"I'm feeling overwhelmed and unsupported"

"I don't know how to scale my business for more profit"

"I wish someone would just give me a blueprint to follow"

My clients have learned to find their inner CEO, and go from working IN their business to working ON their business!

What could personal coaching do for you?

You're a boss. And you know that the boss thing to do is to hire a business coach who:

  • Is the perfect blend of dynamic listener and helper (Enneagram 2) and a doer (Enneagram 3)
  • Isn't afraid to break OT taboos like talking about $$$$, who is in fact, profit oriented
  • Drives OTs toward a new way of thinking and working
  • Challenges, inspires and provides the tools to help OTs get paid their worth (Yes, that's ME!)

Hi, I'm Trish.

I'm a warm, outspoken, driven OT turned OT business coach with a passion for helping other OT entrepreneurs build a profitable and lasting business!

My #1 goal is to lay it all on the table to empower you with the tools and resources that you need to step out from under frustration, overwhelm and feelings of unworthiness into your power as a leader, change-maker and successful business owner.

Whether you sell services, courses, products or programs, I'm ready to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to be. You've just met you business coach bestie who is going to help you get unstuck, make greater impact on your clients, and make more money in the process!

Here's how you can work with me:

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Monthly coaching is best for those who want an OT consultant in their pocket who can provide support and strategy for growing their OT business.


  • 2 monthly 75-minute coaching calls over Zoom
  • Access to Trish via Voxer 24/7 "with a life" for support and accountability between zoom calls
  • Access to personalized resources and content for financial, marketing, sales, operations, product development and team growth goals


$897 USD/mo

This is what I need!

OT CEO Payday

This VIP Day is best fit for the OT entrepreneur who knows that time is precious and will pay to leave with a completed product. The ideal client places a high value on their own time, is anti scope creep and wants this project done now. 


  • Detailed strategic plan, including focusing on your company’s values and mission, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, and looking at the 7 areas of business that most impact your ability to grow.
  • Success map for the next 3 years, including quarterly goal breakdown for this year
  • 4 hour co-working call via Zoom where everything gets done, followed by a 30 call one month later
  • Lunch, refreshment, or gift delivered to you


$2997 USD (payment plan available)

When you hop on a Discovery Call with me...

Together we will determine the biggest blocks that stand in the way of reaching that next level in your OT business. You've found someone in the OT community who understands your business as a therapist and an experienced entrepreneur. Leave the call with actionable steps that you can put into place right away to help you grow, and find out if we are a fit to work together in a bigger way to help you move from hustling as a therapist to acting like a CEO.

Here's what others have had to say about my services:

“Trish Williams consulting was the best investment I made in my business! Biweekly meetings gave me accountability and motivation to work on the important pieces of building, growing and nurturing my business. Trish helped me gain a CEO mentality that I didn't think was inside of me, helped me create clarify in the purpose and approach of my actions and tasks and helped to unlock my potential as a successful private practice owner. She is honest, strategic and supportive, and as a fellow OT, she has the ability to look at situations holistically which helps her to support individual and specific needs that a traditional business coach would not have. Thank you a million, trillion times over Trish, for helping me grow from a four client caseload to a full clientele (with an active and steady wait list), develop new mindset with strategies that will last for the rest of my career and beyond."

“Today, I took over 3000 sq feet of new space - I am growing my clinic! You've taught me how to delegate to others, make clear business goals, help me plan my schedule to protect my CEO time. Because of this, and your help with revenue, sale and marketing, I have more staff and work less. I feel like a baller! Thank you!"

“I just wanted to let you know that my 2020 numbers are done and I beat my stretch goal by $189,000.00. In a pandemic year! I'm so glad you were my coach. All of us OTs owe you so much."

“If it weren't for your coaching, I wouldn't have survived the pandemic shut downs - we would have closed. Your help has truly kept my business open and I keep finding more strength and skills as an entrepreneur than I knew I had."

Take the first step in becoming the CEO you've always wanted to be

I'm convinced. Let's do this!